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PPE Program


  • The procedure applies to all employees and subcontractor working in the company
  • The instruction outlines the procedure for procurement, issue and control of the Personal Protective Equipment for company employees including their responsibility

To provide guidelines and awareness to all employees and ensuring that they fully understand the procedure, requirements and criteria for issue and replacement.


  • To ensure that the procedure and requirements set forth is being followed by all employees working in the company

Superintendent/ Supervisor

  • Administer the issuance of Personal Protective Equipment to each employee under his responsibility.

Foreman / Lead Man

  • Ensure that all employees wear and properly use the required PPE at all times.
  • Educate his subordinate on the proper use and maintenance of the PPE (Safety Glasses, Hard Hats, and Safety Harness etc.) by means of training or safety tool box meeting.
  • Inspect visually the PPE of his subordinate on a weekly basis.
  • Initiate request for replacement of defective PPE.

Safety Personnel

  • Ensure that the procedure and requirements of the company for the PPE are being followed by the operational departments.
  • Assist the Foreman / Lead Man in the inspection of the PPE’s and equipments on a monthly basis, ensuring it’s in efficient working condition.
  • Monitor and assist the Foreman / Lead man in his safety toolbox meeting or training to his subordinates.
  • Maintain record keeping system of all toolbox meeting, training and inspections.

Store In-charge

  • Responsible for the requisitioning, stock, maintaining an inventory and issuance of the PPE.
  • Proper storage of the PPE, it must conform to the manufacturer storage requirement.
  • Maintain a record keeping system for all issued PPE to all employees.

Procurement Department

  • Ensure that all PPE being ordered or purchases conform to the company and client standard requirements.

Operatives / Workers

  • Abide to all procedures and requirements.



1.   All employees of the company will be issued with all PPE required to the nature of his work:  it must be worn and properly used at all times.

2.   All PPE must conform with the company and client standard, the following shall be applied:

  • Hard Hats to meet ANSI standard Z89.1 class A or B
  • Safety Shoes to meet ANSI standard Z41 -83
  • Eye Protection to meet ANSI standard Z87.1 -1998
  • Safety harness to meet EN361:2002 (double lanyard and self-locking snap hook)

3.   Substandard and modification of PPE is not permitted.

4.   For employees whose vision, as determined by the approved company ophthalmologist or an optometrist that requires correction, a safety prescription spectacle which conforms to ANSI Z87.1 – 1998 will be provided. The procedure of acquiring will be based on the company medical insurance agency agreement contract.

5.   Issuance of Safety Spectacle for non-prescription will be on a monthly basis.

6.   Issuance of Safety Shoes will be on an annual basis.

7.   PPE must be inspected by the employees on a daily basis prior to each use, Foreman or Lead Man to conduct weekly basis visual inspection and on a monthly basis with the Area Safety Officer to ensure it is in good working condition.

8.   Criteria for replacement of PPE will be as follows:

  • Wear and tear
  • Exposed on the accident / incident
  • Had reached the maturity date for issuance

9.   Form for the replacement must be signed by the Foreman and Area Safety Officer.

10. Storage and replacement of any parts of PPE will be as per manufacturer requirement.

11. Maintenance, cleaning and safe keeping of PPE will be the employee’s responsibility.

Personal Protective Equipment training is included in the New Employees Safety Orientation and Safety Training Program. However, non-formal or on-site PPE training shall also be conducted specially for non-standard PPE that is being required by a specific job. PPE trainings shall be filed on each employees individual records.

An individual PPE issued records shall be kept containing the proper procedures stated in this program.

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