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Pre-Job Safety Meeting Program

Safety meetings shall be held on site by your supervisor or foreman on a daily basis for them to provide you with safety information regarding your particular work tasks. All employees are encouraged to actively participate in these Tool box Meetings and raise any relevant questions about particular work related safety procedures.

These meetings are solely intended for safety matters and will not be used to discuss other work problems or general grievances. Other channels of communication are available within established company procedures to deal with these matters.

This procedure applies to all Mastoura project sites.

Supervisors and/or Foremen shall have the initiative to:

  • Make time – plan the session in advance.
  • Ensure that telephone calls or radio pagers will not interrupt the discussion.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient supply of cards, leaflets and handouts as required.
  • Read through the briefing notes – becoming fully conversant with the subject before holding the session.
  • Conduct the training session in a suitable location.
  • Speak clearly – ensuring all persons being trained can clearly hear.
  • Carry out training session in the correct language of the attendees.
  • Answer any reasonable questions.  Write down any questions that are not able to reply to at the time and remember to get back to the questioner once the answer have been researched.
  • Try to be enthusiastic and genuine about your subject.
  • Record your record of training given using the Tool Box Talks Attendance Form.
  • Ensure that you update your employees on site activities at the same time.



  • Are to ensure that this procedure is strictly implemented.
  • Are to educate the employees about the hazards which are within their control and responsibility.
  • Are to make sure that no employee shall take part in the work to be done unless they have attended the pre-job safety meeting and his attendance has been recorded.


  • Are strictly required to attend the pre-job safety meeting.
  • To participate during the discussion and to express their concerns about safety in the work environment.
  • To make sure that their attendance has been recorded.

Training for those delivering the pre-job “toolbox” safety meeting
Safety personnel and/or Foremen who shall conduct the toolbox meetings shall likewise undergo a training seminar (i.e. Train the Trainer) to enhance their skills as facilitators. Arrangements will be done with the Mastoura Company’s approved third-party training provider.

The training register must be completed and maintained for all pre-job safety meetings undertaken. Copies shall be distributed as follows: Original file, Contracts file, Safety file, Project Staff file.

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