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Saudi Aramco Projects
Mastoura Co. has been working with the Saudi Aramco for the past 22 years. The company provides services such as construction of underground and overhead power distribution system 13.8 KV to 36 KV, construction and maintenance of Cathodic Protection System for well casings, pipelines, U/G tanks in Airports, utilities. Operation & Maintenance of plants (RT Refinery, Juaymah Gas Plant), power distribution works, Construction of buildings, Access roads including Asphalting, Installation of Valves, reconditioning of gas and oil pipe lines, bus terminals, and all Building Trade Services, etc…
Mastoura Co. also performs & assists in construction of projects during shutdown period in (RT Refinery). Currently,  Mastoura Co. providing services to Saudi Aramco in Power distribution services, Cathodic Protection systems, Building trade services, General Support services, Manpower & equipment supply and execution of long form contracts.

Saudi Electricity Company Projects
Mastoura Co. providing services to Saudi Electricity Co. for construction & maintenance of Power transmission, distribution lines. Performing hot line washing of power transmission line insulator up to and including 380KV, inspection and maintenance of power transmission lines up to 380KV, replacement of porcelain insulators by installation of composite type insulators up to 230KV. Augmentation & Rerouting of overhead line transmission towers & monopoles up to 230 KV. All works are being executed as long form and LSTK project basis.

Royal Commission Projects
Mastoura Co. providing operation and maintenance services for public, commercial & residential facilities in Royal Commission Jubail and Yanbu for the past 16 years continuously. Mastoura co. furnishing all services, equipment, material and supplies for operation, maintenance, repair, new construction, alterations for buildings and structures, including installed building systems in Institutional, Commercial, Public buildings, residential units and other facilities in Royal Commission Juabil and Yanbu for the past 16 years continuously.

Including construction of new facilities like beach resorts, substation buildings, Mosque, schools, etc…

STC & Mobily Communication Projects
Mastoura Co. provides design & engineering services, surveys, obtaining field data, preparation of layouts, material specification, methodology in execution, shop drawings, obtaining approval from the client, preparation of documentation, obtaining all permissions from local authorities, procurement of required materials from approved vendors of client, stores management including delivery of materials on site. Construction of direct buried cables with mole plough, open excavation with trencher, providing dewatering system including well point system. Thrust boring, directional drilling, construction of duct banks, man holes(different types), hand holes, core cutting of existing man holes & hand holes, man drill test, installation of nylon ropes In ducts, installation of cables by blowing method. Splicing of cables, termination, testing (OTDR), installation of equipments like MDF, cabinets, Pedestal DP’s, wall DP’s, testing & commissioning. The works includes reinstatement works like milling of affected Asphalted area, back filling and compaction in excavated trenches Reasphalting as per local authority standards and instructions of clients.

Mastoura Co. also provides customer services including micro trenching, cable laying and reinstatement works in sidewalks, paved areas, etc.. Installation of all types of communication towers and shelters (pedestal mounted, roof mounted), open areas including generators connected power cables with required fencing works. Mastoura co. arranges required traffic diversions, safety arrangements during Day and Night throughout the project execution.

Sabic Projects
Mastoura Co. providing operation and maintenance and support services in SABIC Industries. In SABIC Industries, Mastoura Co.  provides construction of power cable duct banks, Telecommunication duct banks, Substation buildings, two storied Building for accommodating annexure rooms to the rolling mills Including modification of heavy duty gantry, structural Fabrication works.


Sewage Line Project
Mastoura Co. provides detail survey & preparation of detailed drawings, shop drawings, obtaining approval from client & local authorities for the pipeline including Invert levels, valve boxes, man holes, catch basins, collection ponds, Oxidation ponds, etc…
Procurement of materials like FRP pipes, GRP pipes, PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, sand traps, pre molded man holes, catch basis, heavy duty man hole covers, heavy duty perforated covers, branch connections, T Connections, elbows, valves, connected fittings and construction of underground water, rain water, sewage line facilities Including open excavation dewatering system(well point system) Installation of pipes, including jointing, thrust anchors , construction of Valve boxes, installation of pre molded man holes, catch basins, covers, traps, back filling, compaction, milling, re-asphalting & re-instatement works.
Construction of lift stations, water collection ponds, diversion of traffic arranging safety during day & night including flag man throughout the construction activity.


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